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Onova is an innovation consulting firm that has, for years, helped large companies and Fortune 500s generate hundreds of ideas. Building a lasting innovation culture and cultivating employee engagement through innovation sprints and hackathons have been our key offering to clients all around the world. 

But now, we are evolving and eager to take on a new look. This rebrand is not just a cosmetic change; it's a strategic move that fully represents our new identity, aspirations, and capabilities.

Answering the question “Why Rebrand Now?”

Our rebrand represents the start of a new chapter for Onova.

On a daily basis, we strive to build innovation cultures that last in the world’s greatest companies. Why? Because we strongly believe that building a culture of innovation uplifts their top talent, enables consistent and dynamic idea creation, and builds business resiliency during hard times.

How do we do this? By powering innovation sprints and hackathons that generate hundreds of solutions to solve our clients’ biggest pain points – all at the speed of a startup

According to our co-founder Helen:

"We wanted to make sure that our brand better reflected our mission, values and where our company is headed in the future."

A New Visual Identity That Reflects Confidence, Experience and Opportunity

As part of the rebranding effort, we have updated our visual identity. Our brand has evolved three times, each representing a period of rapid growth and development. 

Initially, we embraced a bright yellow colour to symbolize the creative thinking that accompanies inexperience. We then transitioned to a bold green to convey our aspirations towards generating innovative impact globally through our supercharged hackathons. And now, our brand tells the narrative of a boutique consultancy that built an ecosystem of innovative companies. 

The new darker tone reflects the company's maturity, as we move from being idealistic to confidently creating a dent in the startup and innovation scene. 

The dark palette is also symbolic of the depth of opportunity that we are constantly uncovering, especially with artificial intelligence (AI).

We are uniquely positioned to offer bold foresight.

We aren’t your traditional consulting firm.

We are founders and investors first with an intimate understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape across various industries. 

This unique experience allows us to anticipate emerging trends and stay ahead of the curve in a way that offers tremendous value to our clients. We’re highly experimental - actively learning, building, and investing in the top trends.

By leveraging our knowledge in a variety of industries, forward-thinking mindset, and collaborative spirit, we empower organizations to embrace innovation, seize opportunities, and shape their own transformative journeys.

We are going all in on AI

As part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation, we are incorporating generative AI into our service offerings. Generative AI is not just a promising technology, it's an entirely new frontier that everyone needs to get ahead of. Simply put, this will dramatically transform the way we work and the way we live.

For years, Onova had been building and investing in AI apps, companies, and founders. Finding ways to utilize AI has been crucial to our business growth and success. Our rebranding mirrors the expansive realm of AI, underscoring our dedication to fostering innovation, investment, and collaboration within this domain. We aim to assist businesses, employees, and individuals in finding practical solutions for their unique business programs.

We recently partnered with Copy.AI to produce high-quality and personalized marketing content. Check out our partnership release here.

Our team is optimistic for the future

Celebrating the launch of our new office space and visiting our past 5 years since the creation of Onova

Our rebrand represents a pivotal moment for our company as we continue to refine our service offerings and open the door to new possibilities. 

As we embark on this exciting journey, we are optimistic about the limitless possibilities that lie ahead

Whether that be in the Generative AI space, digital transformation, or in building an innovation culture for your team, we’re poised to capitalize on the dynamic economy to continually deliver our services beyond client expectations.

We invite you to join us in shaping a future of innovation and growth.

Interested in seeing how we can support you and your business in your innovation initiatives? Book an introductory call with Victor Li, Founder & CEO of Onova.
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