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Corporate Hackathons and Design Sprints

⚡We Help Corporations Innovate Like Startups⚡

Onova is an innovation consultancy that helps large corporations innovate rapidly. We focus on three areas of expertise: (1) Building a sustainable pipeline of employee-generated product ideas, (2) Reducing the process and time from product concept to market, and (3) Scaling a strong culture of innovation and hands-on technical learning across thousands of employees.

Our model is innovation-first, high-impact, and scalable.

Generate prototypes

Define Innovation Goals

Accelerate your product innovation strategy by aligning global leaders on innovation goals and defining real business challenges

build culture of innovation

Generate 100+ Proof of Concepts

Leverage our proven and scalable design sprint model to generate proof of concepts while building a culture of innovation

corporate innovation

Build Ventures In-House

Effectively incubate the top ideas in a safe and agile sandbox environment with the right process, stakeholders, resources, and tools

The world's largest companies trust us with their innovation programs

Corporate Innovation

Product innovation is not limited to programmers, designers, and architects. Learn how we generated creative solutions for diversity, equity, and inclusion and inspired corporate innovations with industry leaders.

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Our Tech Partners Support Your Innovation Goals

Onova's design sprint and open innovation partner portfolio: Adobe, AWS, Google.
Onova's design sprint and open innovation partner portfolio: CISCO, IBM, Intel.
Onova's design sprint and open innovation partner portfolio: Microsoft, MuleSoft, Capgemini.
Onova's design sprint and open innovation partner portfolio: Salesforce, Atlassian, Agorize.

88% of Fortune 500 companies from 1955 either do not exist today or have fallen off the list. Top companies need to innovate constantly to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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