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In June of 2020, I started what would be a six-month consulting internship with Onova. When I first received the role, I was just happy and relieved to have an opportunity to work during a summer where countless internships were cancelled by COVID-19. Little did I know, it would be a summer that I would truly come to cherish for the lessons I learned, the people I met, and the experiences I gained.
During these difficult COVID-19 impacted times, many startups have shown extraordinary resiliency and adaptability to survive. Read on for the amazing stories of Freshline and SnapTravel and how they rebuilt themselves during the global pandemic.
Social entrepreneurship is a dark horse in economic development. Read about the powerful impact social entrepreneurship can have in developing countries and a case study of how social entrepreneurship transformed Morocco's Argan Oil industry.
The global pandemic caused mass disruption in the automotive industry, from its supply chains and workplaces, to liquidy and consumer behaviour. Which future scenarios can automakers expect in a post-COVID world? How can they leverage these trends and the changing market to future-proof their companies?
Traditional innovation is out and open innovation is in. Traditional or "closed" methods of innovation no longer cut it in our rapidly changing world. Learn how some of the world's most successful companies are tackling this challenge.
In the face of the most disruptive event of the 21st century, what lessons can we learn from history about overcoming crisis? What will determine which businesses will be able to come out on top after COVID-19 and which will shutter their doors forever? Read on for our takeaways and favourite crisis success stories from history.
How do I create a million-dollar business from just an idea? What is the best way to discover and validate new trends? Sam Parr and Gagan Biyani answer these questions and more in their two-week Ideation Bootcamp. Read our top six takeaways from the Bootcamp.
GradHack was a complementary pairing to HSBC's annual summer onboarding/training program. New hires across six countries collaborated across borders to build tangible solutions for customers living with disabilities.
Hackademy was a global virtual hackathon led by HSBC Technology Academy. The innovation learning component involved thousands of employees across 30+ countries, while the crowdsourcing challenge involved hundreds of talented innovators across 19 countries.
McDonald's ran its second annual global challenge, where 75 teams located in 7 different countries worked for 24 hours to develop innovative solutions across three different categories: Restaurants, Corporate Innovation, and Corporate Social Responsibility.
During the COVID-19 lockdown, we realized just how critical social interactions were for ongoing mental, emotional, and physical health. After running a poll with a test group, we decided to pilot an experimental project.
The Onova team led a 3-day invention sprint at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference where 1500+ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leaders gathered to learn, discuss, and innovate.

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