Innovation made tangible, at the speed of a startup

Generate tangible solutions and prototypes to your organization’s biggest challenges, faster and at scale, all while fostering a work culture of innovation, fulfilment and impact.

Innovation Sprints

Elevate innovation efforts with our scalable innovation sprints, designed to unleash the collective creativity of your employees and tackle real business challenges. Through challenge definition workshops with the organization’s top leaders and facilitating collaborative sessions for your innovators, our approach enables rapid idea generation, empowering your teams to generate hundreds of innovative solutions that helps future-proof your organization.

Idea Sprint

1-2 Days
1-20 ideas, concepts, sketches

Define a specific opportunity and empower participants to develop ideas and/or strategies. Our process immerses employees in the latest innovation trends, guides them through innovation methodologies, and enables the creation of thoughtful ideas that extend beyond the sprint, paving the way for future development and growth.

Bank of Montreal Case Study

Design Sprint

1-2 Weeks
1-10 hi-fi prototypes

A five-phase, highly facilitated process that uses design thinking to generate solutions to critical business challenges and opportunities. Design Sprints provides a hands-on approach that engages participants in a highly iterative prototyping and testing process, leveraging real customer feedback throughout the process.

Forum on Workplace Inclusion Case Study

Supercharged Hackathon

24 hrs - 8+ wks
10-100+ hi-fi MVPs

A groundbreaking innovation sprint that takes your hackathon experience to the next level. Designed to connect your employees to compete together in teams to solve your core business challenges. Built for meaningful collaboration, tangible solution outcomes, employee engagement, and scalable to over a thousand employees.

McDonald's Case Study

Our Process

Planning, Design, & Preparation

4-24 Weeks

Define & Understand

Understand the innovation and learning goals, identify key stakeholders, surface limitations or constraints, establish timelines, and outline an event budget.

Event Programming

Set up the innovation sprint platform, host challenge definition workshops with executive sponsors, prepare event materials, onboard all key stakeholders, and execute on project project plan.

Innovation Sprint

8-30 Hours (Physical)
2-4 Weeks (Virtual)

Host a physical, virtual, or hybrid innovation event, providing employees a process to incubate, mentors to support, and a hacker toolkit to support their product development journey. Our extensive innovation training will help prepare your employees to generate the most impactful solutions to pressing challenges.

Idea Selection

2-4 Weeks

An executive judging committee and challenge sponsors will select the product ideas with the most potential to consider further development.

Idea Incubation

Time varies depending on project

Teams work part-time to build their MVPs while receiving technical and managerial support throughout. Teams will present in front of senior executives on “Demo Day” and potentially move forward to continued testing and product launch.

Why work
with us?

We’re Founders at Heart

Led by ex-management consultants turned serial entrepreneurs and startup investors, our team brings extensive knowledge on taking ideas from zero to one, and an unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to each project. Our feet are always on the ground to emerging tech trends and we continuously refresh our knowledge with building our own ventures in-house.

Fortune 500s Trust Us

For years, we have partnered with global industry leaders, including the C-Suite of McDonald's and HSBC, to guide them in successfully driving a culture of innovation for their global employees, from ideation to execution. We intimately understand the intricacies of large corporations but are able to bring our startup energy and knowledge in a way that is helpful and productive.

Our Process is Proven

We’re here every step of the way to flatten the learning curve, support and guide internal decision-making, and turn strategy PowerPoint decks into reality. With a proven model that works, we prioritize efficiency to ensure that our clients' goals are met promptly and effectively.

We’re Overly Invested

As two founders who started as intrapreneurs in a massive global organization, we intimately understand the challenges faced by internal innovators. Every project is personal to us, and we work tirelessly to ensure we are building the next generation of corporate cultures.