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We are a team of AI founders and investors that will help your organization navigate this new frontier.

Our take on

Generative AI

We believe that anyone can 10x their output with AI.

Generative AI is not just a promising technology. It’s a massive technological inflection  that everyone needs to get ahead of. Simply put, Generative AI has the power to dramatically transform the way we work and live.

Years before the release of ChatGPT, our team has been building and investing in AI apps, companies, and founders. Finding ways to utilize AI has been crucial to our business growth and success.

Let us help your team stay ahead of the game with our Generative AI Hackathons.

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We Are the Perfect Generative AI Hackathon Partner

We Build AI Products

We are founders and investors who have successfully leveraged AI to create products such as an AI-based poker coach and a content automation Slack bot. We are constantly learning about and experimenting with AI tools.

We Invest in Leading AI Companies

We are actively investing in emerging AI companies so that we can stay at the forefront of this rapidly advancing field. We have a front row seat to the best AI founders, use cases, and experiments before they're mainstream.

We Partner with AI Leaders

We pair our expertise with Generative AI companies like to enhance our AI capabilities and better serve our clients - whether that’s running Generative AI hackathons or building AI-based products.

Onova Case Study: PokerGPT, The World’s First AI Poker Coach

PokerGPT provides instant hand analysis, translates complex poker strategies into simple language, and guides users to profitable gameplay, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a human coach.

Identifying Friction

Day 1 – 3

Understand the poker community’s current tools and challenges, designed the UI/UX flow of the solution, and defined a solid technical foundation for the product.

Landing Page Launch

Day 4 – 5

Built the front-end of the product, crafted the website copy using ChatGPT and, and launched the landing page.

MVP Development

Day 6 – 12

Engineered the AI algorithm by leveraging techniques, such as stacking, vector embedding, and prompt-chaining with LangChain to improve response quality.

Product Launch

Day 13 - 14

Polished the product based on user interview feedback from the waitlist, defined GTM strategy, and went live.

Our Capabilities in Innovation Management

Understand AI trends and inflections
Proactively identify opportunities across different industries
Define relevant use cases at scale
Understand and prioritize critical pain points
Build tangible prototypes at speed
Launch prototypes at scale through open innovation
Develop MVPs to profitability
Develop concrete and profitable products rapidly
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