The Onova Story

Dictated by open innovation. Here’s our story: how it all started, what we have learned, and why we do it.

A pair of green 3D lightbulbs


[o·no·va] noun

Derived from the words "open innovation" and "supernova".

Open innovation is a modern methodology to accelerate corporate innovation. It is purposely using and sharing knowledge from internal and external sources across organizational boundaries to drive innovation. This distributed process of innovation invokes input from employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, and universities alike.

A supernova
is a stellar explosion resulting in a brilliant array of light and the formation of new stars. This is a metaphor for the work we do with our clients in building out their capabilities to surface brilliant ideas and form new market-ready products and services from these ideas.

How it all started

Helen and Victor met in 2016 and immediately bonded over a shared passion for transforming ideas from whiteboard to reality. This shared passion brought them together to compete in hackathons across North America early in their careers. Through these events, they were exposed to open innovation at scale with large group of diverse participants coming together to build hundreds of tangible prototypes in just 24 hours.

Helen and Victor teamed up to launch a myriad of programs and initiatives while working together at a global consulting firm, including the company's first-ever hackathons in North America and a colossal global internal innovation event that engaged more than 50,000 employees in 20 countries. Through these experiences, they developed a deep understanding of what it takes to foster and sustain a culture of innovation within large organizations and unearth brilliant ideas.

With their wealth of experience in delivering internally-driven open innovation events, they ventured into a new realm of service offerings for Fortune 500 companies. In 2018, their groundbreaking vision gained the financial backing of internal leaders and external partners, allowing them to bring their service to fruition. Following a phenomenal year of executing 12 Invention Sprints for several industry-leading clients, they made the strategic decision to establish Onova, dedicated to providing top-notch innovation services.

Why We Do It

To influence the world's largest companies to do good.

By guiding these organizations towards ethical practices, sustainable initiatives, and social responsibility, we aim to create a ripple effect that extends beyond their bottom line, making a positive impact in the world through purpose-driven innovation.

To create work cultures that celebrate fulfillment

By fostering a culture of innovation and empowering individuals to contribute their unique perspectives, we believe in unlocking the potential for personal growth, purpose-driven work, and a profound sense of fulfillment.

Our Team

Helen Yin


Victor Li


Ronald Poon

Innovation Consultant

Brandon Yu

Innovation Consultant

Riya Kumar

Innovation Consultant

Jyoti Sharma

Innovation Consultant

Lagan Bansal

Innovation Consultant

Ying Ge

Product Manager

Will Jereza

Product Manager & Full-Stack Developer

Edward Han

Full-Stack Developer

Ganesh Asapu

Full-Stack Developer

Zaki Rangwala

Full-Stack Developer

Rachel Chen

Product & Graphic Designer

Stella He

UI/UX Designer

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