Inoki Bathhouse Employee #1

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Inoki Bathhouse
is reinventing baths by transforming ancient bathhouse traditions to intimate at-home experiences that rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Born out of her love for tea, bathhouses, and mindful meditation, I launched my business in February 2021 after realizing that I may have found my Ikigai, “A Reason For Being”.

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Inoki Bathhouse in Beauty Independent

Employment Type: Full-Time
Location: Toronto/Remote
Job Function: Business Growth, Product Development, Marketing & Strategy, Customer Success, Financial Management, etc.
Base Salary + Equity

We have big aspirations for Inoki Bathhouse and we want to bring someone on who is deeply passionate about baths to help us grow this bath company.

- Graduated from post-secondary school (I value all degrees)
- Has built a successful or unsuccessful startup in the past (e.g., DTC brands)
- Has a background in growth marketing (you are curious about rapid growth)
- Very analytical and data-driven (SEO, Financial/Budget Planning, etc.)
- You are a perfectionist and detail-oriented (you enjoy the small details)
- Extremely organized (the type of person who gets their inbox to zero)
- Track record of thriving in a remote environment (highly motivated on their own)
- Excellent communication skills but completely self-sufficient (over-communicator)
- Highly adaptable to wearing multiple hats and enjoys learning fast

- You enjoy thinking high-level but do not enjoy executing
- You are a perfectionist that would be overwhelmed by time constraints
- You enjoy marketing strategies but do not enjoy capturing data
- You get bored easily and do not enjoy any level of repetition
- You are looking for a calm 9-5 lifestyle
- You do not enjoy baths and have zero interest in the self-care space
- You do not enjoy writing and creating content
- You are protective over your work and do not enjoy feedback
- You desire a clear career path with learning goals/milestones paved for you

You will be successful with us if you:
Are highly detail-oriented: Our client projects have large project management components so we need people who are highly detail-oriented, on top of things, and organized.
Have a personal growth mindset: Working in a startup is different compared to working at a large company. At a startup, your personal impact is significant so you need to wear many hats and constantly looking for ways to improve.
Have the "startup hustle": A startup environment can be quite ambiguous and fluid, which is why we need people who are self-sufficient, capable, and resilient. Our working hours are not a standard 9-5, we need to be responsive to one another during client projects at all odd hours and take ownership of our projects.
Thrive in a leadership role and enjoy taking ownership: You have taken on leadership roles in the past and have grown comfortable in front of a team as well as taking ownership and working independently.
Are receptive to feedback and excellent communication skills: Whether it's receiving feedback, presenting in front of an audience, drafting a research paper, or simply writing an e-mail, you're a natural communicator.
Are team-oriented and collaborative: Naturally, this is critical for a startup like ours. It's important that everyone feels supported and encouraged to do their best work, but they also are able to support one another proactively.
Enjoy being creative and think outside the box: We are an innovation consultancy that needs creative thinkers. If you enjoy learning and growing in diverse subject areas and constantly thinking into the future, you'll be a great fit.

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Note that you will need to submit a 1-minute video as part of your application.

Challenge Statement:
How might we identify and disrupt the bias in our organization’s systems?

Bias in our systems impact productivity, creativity and innovation. Systemic bias benefits some individuals while leaving others disadvantaged. Reducing systemic bias will lead to increased retention, engagement, morale, trust and inclusion across an organization.

- Expect resistance from various levels of management and leadership
- Must create psychological safety where people are comfortable to speak up and share
- Consider anonymous embedded feedback mechanisms
- Must be outcome-based and measurable to report back on results