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A mindful innovation newsletter written by founders, for founders. A supernova is a stellar explosion resulting in a brilliant array of light and the formation of new stars. This is both a metaphor for the work we do with our clients and our approach to innovation. It's so important to us that it even inspired the name of our company! Let us be a companion on your journey to create your own supernova.

About the Writers: Victor and Helen

We are the co-founders of Onova and we are starting a newsletter with our favourite things for our fellow founders and innovators! We believe that learning and knowledge-sharing are crucial aspects to innovation and that's why we created supernova.

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Original articles written by our team on innovation trends, industry analysis and corporate innovation.

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We believe in a balanced hustle and both wellness and learning are important parts of this process.

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We love following new product launches, exciting news in the industry, and the journeys of fellow innovators.

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Food, travel, poker, personal finance...you name it! We love to try new things and have fun.

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