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Helen and Victor met in 2016 and immediately bonded over a shared passion for transforming ideas from whiteboard to reality. This shared passion brought them together to compete in hackathons across North America early in their careers. Through these events, they were exposed to open innovation at scale with large group of diverse participants coming together to build hundreds of tangible prototypes in just 24 hours.

They launched numerous programs and initiatives together while coworkers at a large consulting firm, including leading the company's first-ever hackathons in North America and executing the largest global internal innovation event engaging 50,000+ employees across 20 countries. In facilitating and managing these events, they learned a lot about what it takes to motivate and sustain a culture of innovation across gigantic organizations to surface brilliant ideas.

This experience delivering internally driven open innovation events led them to create a new service offering for Fortune 500 companies. In 2018, they successfully raised funding from internal leaders and external partners to turn this service into reality. After a phenomenal year executing 12 Invention Sprints for a variety of industry-leading clients, they decided to spin their service out as a brand new firm called Onova.

We help Fortune 500 companies unlock the power of open innovation to rapidly build products that move the world forward.


[o·no·va] noun


Derived from the words "open innovation" and "supernova".

Open innovation is a modern methodology to accelerate corporate innovation. It is purposely using and sharing knowledge from internal and external sources across organizational boundaries to drive innovation. This distributed process of innovation invokes input from employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, and universities alike.

A supernova is a stellar explosion resulting in a brilliant array of light and the formation of new stars. This is a metaphor for the work we do with our clients in building out their capabilities to surface brilliant ideas and form new market-ready products and services from these ideas.

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