The problem

your employees have a fantastic idea...
but now what?

Brainstorming sessions are exciting and energizing, but unless there’s a follow-through plan the outcomes of those sessions are wasted. Lack of readiness to take actions forward can lead to employee demotivation, wastage in time/effort, and opportunity cost. Too often, great ideas go to die right as they’re being born.

the solution

our innovation sprints and corporate incubators help you create a scaleable process that rapidly tests and validates new product or startup ideas


sprints to hackathons

Collaborative events designed to unite employees into cross-functional teams, empower them to explore problems that need solving, and build ideas to solve these problems. There are 3 types of Innovation Strategies that vary in terms of duration of the sprint, scope of the problems tackled, and solution fidelity.

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idea sprint

With a mission to generate ideas on a specific opportunity, employees will gain visibility into relevant trends and success stories, walk through design thinking exercises, collaborate with intention, and create thoughtful ideas that can continued to be developed post-sprint.

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design sprint

A five-phase, highly facilitated process that uses design thinking to generate solutions to critical business challenges and opportunities. Design Sprints incorporate highly iterative learning through prototyping and testing often with real customers throughout the process.

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supercharged hackathon

Built for meaningful collaboration, tangible solution outcomes, employee engagement, and scalable to thousands of employees. This is coupled with a comprehensive learning curriculum to ensure employees have the skills and resources they need to execute on their ideas.


ideas ➜ mvp

Our innovation programmes provide a process and capability for big companies to turn high potential ideas into MVPs (minimum viable products). We have taken best practices from fast-growing startups and top global accelerator programs, and redesigned it for large corporate environments. We push ambitious clients to test, build, and iterate using modern technologies to bring a product to market as fast and intentionally as possible.

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setting up a strong foundation

After understanding your organization, we help set up the infrastructure, process, timeline, requirements, and branding to reduce friction for innovation. A lot of upfront work is needed in order for teams to move forward swiftly, effectively and efficiently.

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establishing a support ecosystem

Doing it alone is difficult, which is why we help establish an internal and external support ecosystem for the incubation process. This entails bringing together relevant technology or startup partners to leverage their technology and expertise and critical internal experts and advisors to democratize information.

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providing modern methodologies

There’s a reason why nimble startups move fast, and it’s not simply because of a lack of bureaucracy and procedure - it’s because startups prioritize feedback and iteration. Bringing an MVP into the market, collecting customer feedback, and making improvements is one of the most important priorities for many startups. We apply and teach the latest design thinking, design sprint, and startup methodologies to help teams translate ideas into actions in order to find product/market fit, generate traction, and seize market share.

the expertise

benefits of working with us

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we're extremely passionate about our work

Our company was built by two intrapreneurs who took the leap to leave their corporate jobs to build their own company. As intrapreneurs at heart, we are passionate about seeing your employees succeed in creating their ideas and taking it forward. Every project to us is personal and we are committed to every single one.

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we’re ahead of the curve

We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs passionate about building businesses, which means we’re constantly absorbing and testing the latest research, trends, tools, and methodologies to build and launch successful products and solutions. Our passion translates into a unique perspective on bringing your product to market.

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we prioritize collaboration

We work alongside your team to bring you along the journey. This means we collaborate, educate, and coach your innovation team to build internal capabilities that help you to keep the incubator running long after we’re gone.

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we help you move fast

Moving fast can, oftentimes, feel uncomfortable. We’re here every step of the way to flatten the learning curve, support and guide internal decision-making, and turn strategy powerpoint decks into reality.

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we have a proven track record

For years, our innovation consultants worked with the world’s largest companies, such as McDonald’s and HSBC, and have helped them successfully take product ideas to market - from ideation through to execution.

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BONUS: we’re fun to work with

As a company, we have awarded all of our employees with “most likeable.” You can count on us for being great to work with.