2020 Summer Internship Program

Applications are now closed

About Us
We are an innovation consultancy that designs and executes custom high-impact invention sprints to drive tangible products for clients. We ensure the right challenges are defined and matched with the appropriate sponsors. We provide the necessary support, tools, and environment that is conducive to building creative and innovative solutions. As part of our process in education and product innovation, we provide our clients and their employees with the latest design thinking, design sprint, and lean startup processes and methodologies.

- Project management on large-scale, global innovation efforts for Fortune 500 clients
- Manage people, tasks, and deadlines across a wide array of workstreams, including marketing, design, logistics, partnerships, operations, finance
- Dive deep into a client's landscape and industry to make innovation strategy recommendations using strong narrative and presentation skills
- Direct exposure to senior executives
- Frequent presentations and meeting facilitation
- Strong executive presence and professionalism required

- Lead B2B marketing strategy
- Collaborate with co-founders to assess critical business and strategic levels, conduct research and analysis, and provide recommendations to elevate the business and drive growth plans
- Research, write and publish thought leadership articles and case studies around open innovation

You will be successful with us if you:
Have a growth mindset: Working in a startup is different compared to working at a large company. At a startup, you wear many hats and you are constantly thinking about how to take an idea from zero to one.
Thrive in a leadership role: You have taken on leadership roles in the past and have grown comfortable in front of a team and taking ownership.
Have strong communication skills: Whether it's providing/receiving feedback, presenting in front of an audience, drafting a research paper, or simply writing an e-mail, you're a natural communicator.
Are team-oriented and collaborative: Naturally, this is critical for a startup like ours. You will interact with your team, a lot. It's important that everyone feels supported and encouraged to do their best work.
Enjoy being creative and think outside the box: We are an innovation consultancy that needs creative thinkers. If you enjoy learning and growing in diverse subject areas and constantly thinking into the future, you'll be a great fit.
Are results-oriented and detail-oriented: We are looking for A-Players that not only think high-level, but thrive on results and do it well.
Have the startup hustle: A startup environment can be quite ambiguous and fluid, which is why we need people who are self-sufficient, ambitious, and gritty.

Challenge Statement:
How might we identify and disrupt the bias in our organization’s systems?

Bias in our systems impact productivity, creativity and innovation. Systemic bias benefits some individuals while leaving others disadvantaged. Reducing systemic bias will lead to increased retention, engagement, morale, trust and inclusion across an organization.

- Expect resistance from various levels of management and leadership
- Must create psychological safety where people are comfortable to speak up and share
- Consider anonymous embedded feedback mechanisms
- Must be outcome-based and measurable to report back on results