What is the future of corporate innovation?

We are deeply passionate about building a sustainable bottom-up innovation and learning culture for our clients. We believe intrapreneurship and open innovation is the future to building products that will shape the world.

innovation sprint set up

Innovation Sprints

We have been designing and executing large-scale, global innovation challenges for years. We understand the complexities behind inspiring and bringing together a global audience, providing the right vision and incentives to motivate positive behavior, and building a lasting experience.

Attracting employees to take part in an innovation challenge isn't the hard part - it's everything that surrounds it. Aligning sponsors, positioning a meaningful challenge, and creating a fair and reliable system in place to surface breakthrough ideas is the meat of the work.

Our idea from good to great in terms of innovation sprints and challenges include building the right environment to build viable and realistic solutions. That means providing employees with the appropriate tools to experiment. We enable top product solutions by bringing the best technology partners into the mix, designing the most appropriate learning curriculum, and incorporating lean startup methodologies.

For the second year running, we helped McDonald's design and execute a 24-hour global Innovation Sprint engaging 500+ employees across 7 countries simultaneously.

Outcome = 100+ High-Fidelity Prototypes

Corporate Incubator

Often the biggest challenge with corporate innovation is not the lack of ideas, but having a reliable and seamless system in place to take ideas forward through to implementation. We co-innovate with our clients to address roadblocks, establish processes, and programming that enable intrapreneurs and/or startups to build products smarter and faster.

innovation sprint activity

Create a sandbox for participants to experiment, test ideas and operate like real startups without the restrictions of business as usual.

innovation sprint activity

Design a curriculum for employees to educate them on how to launch a new venture from scratch within the organization through topics on lean prototyping, design thinking, technical implementation and more.

Working with us is a lot of fun


We are invested in working with you – that means being completely open about our process and treating your team like our very own


Our clients have told us repeatedly that our work together has been the most enjoyable and impactful work they’ve done with a vendor


We make sure to take responsibility for all stages of the process. We don’t take a backseat – we’re with you every step of the way


We grew up with Hackathons and passionately believe in the power of collective ideation towards solving real innovation challenges


We center our event design and execution around the “Why”, exploring your vision and the journey is key to building an effective and inspiring  innovation program


We will bend over backward to ensure we cover every fine detail so that you have tangible products to feed into your innovation pipeline

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