Innovation Consultant

About Us
We are an innovation consultancy that helps large corporations innovate at the speed of startups. We focus on three areas of expertise:
(1) Building a sustainable pipeline of employee-generated product ideas,
(2) Reducing the process and time from product concept to market, and
(3) Scaling a strong culture of innovation and hands-on technical learning across thousands of employees.

We accomplish this by executing custom high-impact Innovation Sprints to drive tangible products for clients. We ensure the right challenges are defined and matched with the appropriate sponsors. We provide the necessary facilitation, tools, and environment that is conducive to building creative and innovative solutions. As part of our process in education and product innovation, we provide our clients and their employees with the latest design thinking, design sprint, and lean startup processes and methodologies.

Employment Type: Full-Time
2-3 years of Management Consulting and/or Project Management Experience
Toronto/Remote (must be legally eligible to work in Canada)
Job Function: Consulting
Start Date:
May 2021 (or earlier depending on availability)

As an early employee at a startup consultancy, you will have a lot of responsibility and ownership over key client projects, and the opportunity to significantly impact various parts of our business. We're looking for someone who can hit the ground running and bring industry knowledge and expertise to improve the way we work internally and with our clients.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of being "project-obsessed" to ensure our client engagements not only run smoothly but extremely successfully. Our client projects are some of the most visible in the company across the world and our business sponsors are typically C-Suite level global leaders. Our sole mission is to help them innovate internally and drive rapid cultural change in embracing intrapreneurship and bottom-up innovation.

Client Project Responsibilities
- Lead and manage projects on large-scale, global innovation efforts for Fortune 500 clients
- Manage teams of 10-50 people on each project to ensure tasks are completed and deadlines are met across a wide array of work streams, including marketing, design, logistics, partnerships, operations, finance
- Dive deep into a client's landscape and industry to make innovation strategy recommendations using strong narrative and presentation skills
- Regularly present and facilitate meetings/workshops with clients and senior executives
- Identify and research key startups to introduce to our clients

Internal Responsibilities
- Lead special projects and take them from zero to one within our company based on interest. Examples include our Venture Studio, Virtual Coworking Community, Innovation Newsletter, Innovation Whitepapers, etc.
- Own and manage an internal team to grow other business functions based on interest and skillset (client services, marketing, business development, partnerships, etc.)

You will be successful with us if you:
Are highly detail-oriented: Our client projects have large project management components so we need people who are highly detail-oriented, on top of things, and organized.
Have a personal growth mindset: Working in a startup is different compared to working at a large company. At a startup, your personal impact is significant so you need to wear many hats and constantly looking for ways to improve.
Have the "startup hustle": A startup environment can be quite ambiguous and fluid, which is why we need people who are self-sufficient, capable, and resilient. Our working hours are not a standard 9-5, we need to be responsive to one another during client projects at all odd hours and take ownership of our projects.
Thrive in a leadership role and enjoy taking ownership: You have taken on leadership roles in the past and have grown comfortable in front of a team as well as taking ownership and working independently.
Are receptive to feedback and excellent communication skills: Whether it's receiving feedback, presenting in front of an audience, drafting a research paper, or simply writing an e-mail, you're a natural communicator.
Are team-oriented and collaborative: Naturally, this is critical for a startup like ours. It's important that everyone feels supported and encouraged to do their best work, but they also are able to support one another proactively.
Enjoy being creative and think outside the box: We are an innovation consultancy that needs creative thinkers. If you enjoy learning and growing in diverse subject areas and constantly thinking into the future, you'll be a great fit.

If you are excited about a career with us and growing an innovation consultancy together, we can't wait to hear from you!

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Note that you will need to submit a 1-minute video as part of the application.

Challenge Statement:
How might we identify and disrupt the bias in our organization’s systems?

Bias in our systems impact productivity, creativity and innovation. Systemic bias benefits some individuals while leaving others disadvantaged. Reducing systemic bias will lead to increased retention, engagement, morale, trust and inclusion across an organization.

- Expect resistance from various levels of management and leadership
- Must create psychological safety where people are comfortable to speak up and share
- Consider anonymous embedded feedback mechanisms
- Must be outcome-based and measurable to report back on results