Graphic Design Intern

Application Deadline: Nov 6th @ 11:59 PM EST

About Us
We are an innovation consultancy that helps large corporations innovate at the speed of startups. We focus on three areas of expertise:
(1) Building a sustainable pipeline of employee-generated product ideas,
(2) Reducing the process and time from product concept to market, and
(3) Scaling a strong culture of innovation and hands-on technical learning across thousands of employees.

We accomplish this by executing custom high-impact Innovation Sprints to drive tangible products for clients. We ensure the right challenges are defined and matched with the appropriate sponsors. We provide the necessary facilitation, tools, and environment that is conducive to building creative and innovative solutions. As part of our process in education and product innovation, we provide our clients and their employees with the latest design thinking, design sprint, and lean startup processes and methodologies.


Onova is a boutique innovation consultancy that helps large corporations innovate at the speed of startups

inoki bathhouse

Inoki Bathhouse is an innovative e-commerce company reimagining and reshaping the bath industry

winning together fund

The WTF is a micro fund investing in early-stage startups (e.g., Stilt, Almanac, Cococart)


Earth is an enterprise software designed to run hybrid innovation sprints and hackathons for large corporations

Location: Toronto/Remote (must be legally eligible to work in Canada)
Job Function: Graphic Design
Timeline: November 2022 - December 2023 (Flexible on part-time vs. full-time, however Summer 2023 must be full-time)

- Ideate, plan, and create visual elements for all the assets of our startup
- Organize brainstorming sessions with the founders to creating branding initiatives for social media campaigns
- Create digital assets for sales and marketing materials materials
- Support any client-related work with design assets
- Provide design expertise to existing design assets
- Create Onova's branding guidebook to ensure consistency across all design assets

Have a strong growth mindset and be very receptive to feedback: We have a high-pain, high-gain mentality. Feedback from your peers, manager and co-founders will come often and fast, and this offers you a chance to grow extremely rapidly. This may come in the form of 1:1 chats with your manager, and direct feedback on live demos/presentations. You will need to be emotionally resilient and have a strong growth mindset to thrive in our culture.
Have the "startup hustle": Our working hours are not a standard 9-5. The team may often work late nights and on weekends to meet deadlines and respond to client needs. We try to balance this during our downtime with slower days/hours when we’re less busy.
Thrive in an ambiguous environment and take ownership: As much as half of your workload will be self-driven, meaning you are actively looking for problems to solve around the company, coming up with solutions, and implementing them. You must be very comfortable working independently and thrive in ambiguous environments where there isn’t necessarily someone telling you what to do.
Are emotionally intelligent and self-aware: We expect that you are aware of your own emotions and can effectively process and communicate them with your peers. We encourage our team to be vulnerable and open. It allows us to develop deeper connections and work far more effectively as a team when we have empathy for one another.
Are highly detail-oriented and organized: We have a very strong written culture at Onova. As a largely remote team, we need to ensure work and processes are documented, and effectively communicate across the organization. You will need to be highly detailed in the work you do, and ensure proper organization so that someone with no context can come in and pick up where you left off if needed.
Have strong communication skills: Whether communicating your emotions, presenting in front of an audience, writing documentation, or simply writing an e-mail, you must be a strong communicator. The ability to succinctly and effectively convey your thoughts in any medium is highly valued at Onova.
Are team-oriented and collaborative: Naturally, this is critical for a startup like ours. It's important that everyone feels supported and encouraged to do their best work, but they also are able to support one another proactively.
Enjoy being creative and think outside the box: We are a team of creative thinkers that enjoy challenging the status quo and being different. If you enjoy learning and growing in diverse subject areas and thinking about the future, you'll be a great fit.

Design Skills
- Extremely proficient with adobe illustrator, photoshop, Figma, and any design creation software
- Can create original vector designs, illustrations, and flat icons
- Extremely proficient with photoshop or illustrator (or any design creation software)
- Can create vector designs/illustrations and flat icons
- Knowledgeable about the latest design best practices and emerging trends (has a strong eye for design)

Soft Skills
- Extremely receptive to feedback and has strong communication skills
- Effective time management skills and is highly organized
- Can successfully manage multiple design projects and meet tight deadlines
- Highly able to operate independently - is able to fully own and lead projects
- Highly detail-oriented and has high standards for one's own work quality
- Effectively adapts to external design expectations
- Excited to take initiative and learn new design technical skills and softwares
- Adaptive to take on tasks beyond graphic design to support the team

Employment Requirements
1. Must be registered as a full-time post-secondary student from an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution
2. Must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee with protected status as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Note that you will need to upload and/or submit links to your design portfolio.

Challenge Statement:
How might we identify and disrupt the bias in our organization’s systems?

Bias in our systems impact productivity, creativity and innovation. Systemic bias benefits some individuals while leaving others disadvantaged. Reducing systemic bias will lead to increased retention, engagement, morale, trust and inclusion across an organization.

- Expect resistance from various levels of management and leadership
- Must create psychological safety where people are comfortable to speak up and share
- Consider anonymous embedded feedback mechanisms
- Must be outcome-based and measurable to report back on results