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What does your startup do? We are an innovation consultancy that designs and execute custom high-impact "invention sprints" (think large-scale hackathon mixed with design sprint principles) to drive tangible product ideas for Fortune 500 clients. We ensure the right challenges are defined and matched with the appropriate sponsors. We provide the necessary process, tools, and environment that is conducive to building creative and innovative solutions. We also educate our clients and their employees in leading technology domains, design thinking and lean startup methodologies.

What's your purpose? We are deeply passionate about driving a culture of innovation and surfacing brilliant product solutions through open innovation and crowdsourcing. We believe bottom-up innovation is incredibly under-utilized at large organizations. We work with our clients to align on their innovation goals, communicate it to their employees in an exciting way, and generate kick-ass solutions.

How do you work with your clients? We work incredibly collaboratively with our clients. We will typically staff only two roles on each invention sprint project: a Project Lead, and an Innovation Consultant. The rest of the team will generally comprise of 10-60 employees between the client and partners, depending on the scale of the project.

How do you work with tech companies (home page logos)? We work with tech partners like Google and AWS to provide our clients with the appropriate APIs, mentors, and learning content for their innovation programs.

I saw something about "corporate incubators", what's that? The next step in generating a ton of great ideas is putting them through an incubation process to turn them into real products. We help clients design and implement corporate incubators in their organization by advising the right innovation governance structure, product milestones, incubator programming, resource ecosystem, funding model, etc. The goal is to help our clients set up a sustainable culture of innovation where they can regularly tap into employees to generate ideas AND have a process for taking the most promising ideas forward.

Why should I work for your startup?
Great question.
> You're looking for founders who care about your personal/professional goals.
We care about our team a lot. When you join our team, we don't just see you as an intern/employee, you're way more than that. As a small team, we can afford to mentor and collaborate closely with you. If you're looking to truly learn and gain experience, you found a good home to do that in. If you want people who truly care about your personal aspirations, we will be there for you.
> You want to wear many hats. As a scrappy startup, your function is not limited to how we see your roles and responsibilities. You make the role into your own through your interests and curiosities throughout your journey with us.
> The role fits what you're looking for: https://www.onova.io/internship

If our startup sparks joy, keep reading! If not, toss it out (no hard feelings!!)
(Marie Kondo reference)

We worked in partnership with Capgemini to design and execute McDonald's and HSBC's first global hackathons.

You can read a little about them here:
McDonald's, HSBC #1, & HSBC #2

Have a growth mindset: Working in a startup is different compared to working at a large company. At a startup, you wear many hats and you are constantly thinking about how to take an idea from zero to one.
Thrive in a leadership role: You have taken on leadership roles in the past and have grown comfortable in front of a team and taking ownership.
Have strong communication skills: Whether it's providing/receiving feedback, presenting in front of an audience, drafting a research paper, or simply writing an e-mail, you're a natural communicator.
Are team-oriented and collaborative: Naturally, this is critical for a startup like ours. You will interact with your team, a lot. It's important that everyone feels supported and encouraged to do their best work.
Enjoy being creative and think outside the box: We are an innovation consultancy that needs creative thinkers. If you enjoy learning and growing in diverse subject areas and constantly thinking into the future, you'll be a great fit.
Are results-oriented and detail-oriented: We are looking for A-Players that not only think high-level, but thrive on results and do it well.
Have the startup hustle: A startup environment can be quite ambiguous and fluid, which is why we need people who are self-sufficient, ambitious, resourceful, and gritty.

Are not able to be productive working remotely: We are a fully remote consultancy so naturally you will need to be effective working at home or in a cafe (wherever you choose). We will be around to brainstorm and collaborate on virtual calls, but you will need to be comfortable and motivated working remotely.
Require clear directions for everything: You will need to be very comfortable with ambiguity and operating with simple instructions. Of course you can always ask clarifying questions (that's incredibly important by the way), but we're looking for people who can be effective with little instructions. 
Require a lot of structure and clearly defined processes: We work with clients across the globe in all different time zones. As a result, we sometimes have to jump on calls at 5AM or 11PM. This doesn't mean that you'll be expected to work all those hours in-between, but you will need to find what pace and schedule works for you while working across time zones. We are also constantly reinventing the way we work and finding new and better ways to do things. There is no "Onova way" - in fact, we want you to experiment and question everything we do, and hopefully disrupt some of our existing processes to make them better.
Don't enjoy presenting: If you are visibly uncomfortable speaking on calls, it will make this experience tough. We are extremely open to coaching and mentoring, but due to the nature of our job, we need people who are comfortable speaking on and leading client meetings.
Don't receive feedback well: Feedback is very important to our team and for our business in general. Receiving/offering feedback effectively reflects a growth mindset, which is a trait we massively appreciate.
Don't enjoy owning a project end-to-end: We aren't just looking for brilliant strategists to provide research, recommendations and a roadmap. We are looking for people who can own projects and deliver results independently. We're looking for people who consistently take initiative. You will excel if you not only can identify problems, but also come prepared with multiple solutions and the initiative to implement those solutions independently.

Does working for Onova support your career aspirations? 
Do you believe you're a good fit? 

Take a one-minute video of yourself answering the following questions:
1. When was a time you took an idea from zero to one (you took the main role in growing an idea from nothing to something)? // If that's not relevant, describe the greatest impact you've had in a leadership role.
2. Why are you a great fit for our startup? (Fit is a two-way street. We care about your personal aspirations as well, so how can Onova help you fulfill your career goals? What are you looking to gain? How do you want to grow with us? How can you help us grow?)

** Tip: Imagine you're in an elevator with someone and telling them your story. It's one minute in total (30 seconds/answer). **

We're looking forward to learning about you all!

- Victor & Helen

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Compensation: $8K-$10K CAD/3 Months

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